Anatomy Focus: Extremities (D-5)

Anatomy Focus: Extremities (D-5)


Lucinda Cobley

Intermediate / Advanced

Tuesday evening, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

July 10 – 31

4 weeks

$150 members / $185 public + additional live model fee

Drawing hands and feet competently can be very challenging. Improve your drawing skills by closely studying and understanding their shape, form and volume. In a combination of demonstrations, examples, and various exercises, drawing hands and feet will seem less complicated. First, reference will be made to anatomical form, techniques for simplification, followed by expressive mark-making using charcoal and graphite to define skin textures and tonal values. This 4 session workshop is ideally suited to those with some knowledge of life drawing but find they require some assistance with drawing convincing hands and feet. A model will be present for 2 classes and the fee will be split equally between participants. Maximum 6 people, 4 week course. Please note: enrollment for this course is limited to 6 students.


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