Clothed Figure Drawing in Color and Mixed Media (MM-1)


Clothed Figure Drawing in Color and Mixed Media (MM-1)


Lucinda Cobley

All levels

Tuesday morning, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

January 16 – March 13

9 weeks

$315 members / $350 non-members + additional live model fee

Practice drawing from the clothed model using colorful mixed media techniques with color pencil, pastel, and water-based paint. Beginning with basic anatomy of the human form, shape, structure, and proportion will be developed. Simplified drawing methods are explored before learning how to use color effectively. Details such as texture, folds, pattern, and garment shape in relationship to the human form are frequently discussed. Helpful references are given to historical and contemporary artists' techniques and approaches. The model poses range in length from under one minute for fast sketches to longer, more studied poses of up to thirty minutes. This course is suitable for beginners with some drawing experience. The model fee is split equally between participants and is due on the second week of class.

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