Decision-Making for Painting (P-17)


Decision-Making for Painting (P-17)


Hagit Barkai
Intermediate / Advanced
9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Saturday, November 4 and 11
2-day workshop
$170 members / $205 non-members + additional live model fee

Making a painting from start to finish is very rarely a predictable process. The finish line is never guaranteed. The image we face and looking at the marks we made can never be exactly what we expected. It is a process that can be progressive and linear or include many twists and turns, standstills, revisits, and multiple move-ons. This intensive two-day workshop is intended for those who have painting experience in oil or acrylic and wish to explore this process going through the stages of making a painting from start to finish. The workshop is designed to simulate this process by tracing essential intersections that occur along its way and inserting intentional decision-making to its navigation. Sometimes these intersections are passed by seamlessly resolved and other times they are agonized over with many layers, only to be pronounced solved or dead-ends. This workshop is about the kinds of decisions that move this process along. The workshop will be divided into five sections exploring particular steps or common decisions-making moments: We will use a model with a single setting. Opening the workshop, we will arrive to a consensus on a pose and the set-up, to explore the considerations that go into choosing imagery. Short sketches will be used to map out optional compositions and palettes, and will be used as reference to reflect on the stories that compositions tell and how we decide which story to tell. Exploring the possibilities in a first layer of big spots using Premier Coup will provide insight into the way decisions about materials and movements of the body of the painter create the visual core of the painting and with it, its atmosphere, feel and mood. With a week to dry, we will then dedicate time to the most seductive moments of painting, among them details, edges, layers and textures, strategically planning the areas that will be given localized attention. We will explore the ways in which these moments connect the visual core of the painting with its mood and story. Finally, we will step back and examine the last intersection discussing when there is a need for another mark and when it is time to stop.

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