Decision Making for Painting (P-17)

Decision Making for Painting (P-17)


Hagit Barkai

All levels

Saturday afternoon, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

March 24 – June 2

9 weeks

$315 members / $350 non-members

Making a painting from start to finish is very rarely a predictable process. The finish line is never guaranteed. The image we face when looking at the marks we made can never be exactly what we expected. It is a process that can be progressive and linear or include many twists and turns, standstills, revisits, and multiple move-ons. This class is intended for those who wish to develop their techniques along the process of making a painting from start to finish and will visit various intersections in the painting process, from composition to first layers, through working on details and refining edges, and finally to closing marks. The class is intended to all levels and all media of painting. It is designed as a painting forum that allows each participant to develop from their own level of experience. We will work from observation with models. Photography may be used for further exploration of poses.

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