Egg Tempera and Encaustic Painting (P-18)

Egg Tempera and Encaustic Painting (P-18)


Sasha Dela

All Levels

Weekend, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

March 9 & 10
2-Day Workshop
$240 members / $275 public

This course will allow students to experiment with these beautiful and less common painting mediums. Egg Tempera paint is made from combining egg yolk and colored pigment using a specific painting ground. It allows for the building up of layers to create a special luminosity. Encaustic is made with beeswax and pigment and heat is used in the process of mixing and applying paint. Many surprises occur while heating the paint on panel. Students will be provided with all of the materials needed for both techniques, including painting panels, brushes, and paint. Students may experiment with the new techniques in their own style. Clear instructions for making and using the paints will be given so at-home setup will be possible after taking the course. Safety will be discussed throughout the workshop. Please note: This class is limited to 8 students

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