Fundamentals of Portraiture (D-6)

Fundamentals of Portraiture (D-6)


Lucinda Cobley


Tuesday evening, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

January 15 – March 12
9 weeks
$315 members / $350 public + additional live model fee

During the Italian Renaissance artists made drawings on paper using combinations of red, black and white chalk and ink as studies of the human form in preparation for their painting compositions. Sensitivity to proportion, form, line and texture were of great importance. This class will assist in helping to describe the basic anatomical form of the human head, including bone structure, muscles, skin tone and hair by referencing historical techniques. We will study the relationship of the head, neck, and shoulders and also attempt to capture a range of facial expressions in numerous quick sketches and drawings lasting from 1 minute to 30+ in Conté crayon and ink wash, plus experiments with graphite and charcoal, on white and toned papers. Life model fee will be required for 8 out of the 9 sessions and will be split equally among students. Please note: enrollment for this course is limited to 10 students


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