How to Start an Oil Painting (P-3)

How to Start an Oil Painting (P-3)


Hagit Barkai
Beginner / All levels
Tuesday morning, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
September 5 – November 7
10 week
$330 members / $365 non-members + additional live model fee

Good starts are the core of painting and often the most difficult to master. The way in which the first layer is put down determines whether we will spend the rest of the time making decisions creatively or piling layers in order to correct mistakes, making the painting more and more overworked. This is why this fundamental oil painting course will focus on beginnings, practicing how to hold the essence of what you are interested in from the very first marks and how to make every part of the painting serve that essence. Short poses will be used to arrive at fresh mark-making, and will gradually extend to full day poses as the course progresses. Working from observation with nude models, subtle color and temperature differences across the body will be used as reference for more complex color mixing. Natural light and various spaces will be used to practice tonal and temperature balance of the painting as a whole Photography will be used to further explore moments and compositions that are impossible to achieve in a model sitting - In the last section of the course each student will work on an individual project based on their personal interests and motivations, clarified and planned through regular group and individual feedback during the semester. The course will end with a final critique and a discussion on next steps.