Intro to Body Casting (S-7)

Intro to Body Casting (S-7)


Nicolle LaMere

Thursday afternoon, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
July 11 – August 29
8 Weeks
$315 members / $350 public

Students will be encouraged to explore the emotions which can be expressed in gesture by casting body parts such as hands, feet, or the face. To capture fine details like finger prints and wrinkles, students will be using alginate, a non-toxic rubber like substance deriving from algae. From these casts students will be making silicone molds and will have the opportunity to create multiple copies of the single body part in either plaster and/or wax. These materials offer a wide range of surface coloration and design which will also be demonstrated. This class is designed as a beginner class but all levels are welcome.


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