Jewelry Intensive: Cuttlefish Bone Casting and Broom Casting (S-8)

Jewelry Intensive: Cuttlefish Bone Casting and Broom Casting (S-8)


Mary Rogers

Intermediate / Advanced
Saturday, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
August 31 & September 7
2-Day Workshop
$195 members / $230 public

This is an introduction to the process of cuttlefishbone casting, a method of gravity casting. Cuttlefishbone is an organic material that is soft enough to carve a negative mold. Once the mold is cut and both sides are marked for alignment, a sprue channel is cut into the material and molten sterling is poured into the negative area. The texture of the soft bone surface is very organic. Once the casting is complete it can be cut, filed, and soldered to create a distinctive piece of jewelry. This class requires some advanced jewelry skills such as sawing, filing and torch skills. Students will be casting in sterling silver and will need 2-3 ounces of sterling scrap or sterling casting grain. Sterling scrap will be available for purchase from the instructor in ½ ounce packets. Please note: For safety reasons while casting all students must wear leather or closed-toe shoes.


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