Painting: First Layers (P-4)

Painting: First Layers (P-4)


Hagit Barkai

All levels

Tuesday evening, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

January 16 – March 13

9 weeks

$315 members / $350 non-members

Good starts are the core of painting and often the most difficult to master. The way in which the first layer is put down determines whether we will spend the rest of the time making decisions creatively or piling layers in order to correct mistakes, making the painting more and more overworked. This class will focus on beginnings. You will practice how to recognize the essence of what you are interested in from the very first marks, and how to make every part of the painting serve that essence. We will work from observation with models. Photography may be used for further exploration of poses. This class is for all painting media and for all levels. Meeting with instructor will be scheduled prior to first class.

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