The Narrative Portrait (P-10)

The Narrative Portrait (P-10)


Laura Spector

Intermediate / Advanced
Wednesday evening, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
September 18 – November 13
9 weeks
$315 members / $350 public + additional live model fee

In this course, students will draw and paint from live models. Beginning with drawings to warm-up and cover basic concepts of anatomy, form and light perspective, students will have the opportunity to experience 2 long-form portrait processes. The first completed portrait painting will be created from a live model. The second completed portrait painting will challenge students to create an original portrait from a photograph of a model, created in a style of their chosen portrait artist. The class will use a transfer method to help with drawing accuracy. Students will create preparatory sketches and color studies leading up to their final painting. This class is for both oil and acrylic painters with painting experience. In addition, each student will be assigned a painter and give an informal 10-minute presentation to the class on an assigned date.


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