Viva La Vida: Exploring Color and Texture (MM-4)

Viva La Vida: Exploring Color and Texture (MM-4)


Lucinda Cobley

Beginner / Intermediate
Weekend, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
August 3 & 4
2-Day Workshop
$210 members / $245 public

Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s 1954 still life painting of watermelons evocatively called ‘Viva la Vida’ this mixed media workshop will allow you to discover new ways to work with color and texture within your painting practice. Working directly from a still life set up of sumptuous fresh summer fruits and flowers will help to increase your observational skills and give many opportunities to experiment with challenging new approaches. Bring along your water-based paints, acrylic and/or watercolor, and any dry media such as color crayons and pastels plus several sheets of heavy weight paper and enjoy spending the day painting and drawing from a colorful still life. Since there is a very long history of symbolism in still life painting, there will be time to consider the personal meanings within your own paintings. Demonstrations during the workshop will help to inspire new ways to combine wet and dry media plus you will gain expertise about new acrylic media such as special texturing gels, pastes and grounds. Please note: enrollment for this course is limited to 10 students

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