Seth Orion Schwaiger

Opening Reception: 6 – 9 PM Friday, June 8, 2018

Artist Talk: 6:30 PM Friday, June 8, 2018  

Exhibition Dates: June 8 – July 21, 2018

Main Gallery


Art League Houston is excited to present Complex 3, an exhibition by Austin-based artist, curator, and writer Seth Orion Schwaiger. This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of projects exploring ideas of intrinsic and assigned value, with an increasing focus on the value and quality of non-linear thought. The works in the exhibition include architectural intervention, labyrinthine installation, and doubling of imagery and symbols as a strategy to pull the implied line of traditional exhibition viewing back in on itself. The looping or spiraling of information produces a unique environment that challenges the viewer’s proclivity to process information in a way that speaks to a more outcome-driven, practical, algebraic, cause and effect way of thinking.

Complex 3 is Schwaiger’s first solo exhibition in Houston and his most transparently autobiographical exhibition to date. Here, Schwaiger transforms the gallery space into a spiritual quarantine, a space isolated through sonic and architectural means, in which a dark, yet comical image from the artist’s past can be processed in relative psychological safety. The centerpiece of the exhibition is an obscure video of an interpretive dance produced by the Midwestern Christian cult The Way International in 1986 in which their unique spiritual mythology is articulated through nylon clad performers — including the now disgraced former Way President the Reverend L. Craig Martindale who stars as the protagonist of this baffling film.

By opening this sensitive memory, reexamining the absurdity of his own past, and presenting the imagery of it in a physical way analogous to the mental structures and processes that surround trauma, Schwaiger invites the viewer to consider absurdity and pointlessness — to consider elements that add up to nothing, or to less than the sum of their parts. It is an invitation to take in existence without the overwhelming desire for it to make sense, to consider one’s own past without making every moment integral or necessary, and, in the end, to undo these very same conclusions by putting such pointlessness at the center of thought. It is an invitation into the artists own private mental space.



Seth Orion Schwaiger is a lecturer at the University of Texas. He earned a BFA from the University of Wyoming in 2007 and an MFA from the Glasgow School of art in 2013. Since that time he has published 100+ articles and exhibition essays through museums, galleries, and publications including art ltd., Artsy, Arts + Culture Texas, The Austin Chronicle, Glasstire, New American Painting, Sculpture Magazine, and Sightlines. His work has been shown and collected in Europe and North America including exhibitions in London, Zurich, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Austin, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Recent projects include several collaborations with Elizabeth McDonald Schwaiger: you i i i everything else at De Stijl Gallery, Austin; Arch , part of Good Mourning Tis of Thee at Co-Lab’s Demo Space, Austin; and Unheimlich at Anthem Gallery in San Antonio.


The new border

luisa duarte


Opening Reception: 6 – 9 PM Friday, June 8, 2018

Artist Talk: 6:15 PM Friday, June 8, 2018   

Exhibition Dates: June 8 – July 21, 2018

Hallway Space


Art League Houston is excited to present “The New Border”, by Houston-based Venezuelan artist, Luisa Duarte. The exhibition features a site specific installation from the artists’ ‘Borders or Territories’ series, comprised of wax thread and thumbtacks that encapsulate space, and envision each pathway as a memory or anecdote. The vertices of each ‘territory’ are held in place by a simple thumbtack, pinned to the wall to hold the shape of each line. By using one continuous thread throughout the site of installation, the artist creates a tridimensional space traced on and over the walls, where seemingly single lines come together to form one unit.



Luisa Duarte is a Venezuela born, Houston-based visual artist. These two worlds, and a diverse blend of cultures, have shaped her ideas and understanding of what constitutes ‘home.’ A vague sense of displacement, and, at times, an underlying yearning to ‘belong,’ has lead the artist to create imaginary spaces that appear to straddle multiple worlds, perspectives and forms.

Throughout her upbringing, Duarte was widely exposed to contemporary non-figurative art during a time when the Latin American geometrical abstraction, constructivism and kinetic art movements were at their peak. This aesthetic, and its push to create new ‘Utopian’ cultural spaces in opposition to mainstream politics and culture, loosely informed her professional practice as an architect, and currently continues to influence her practice as a visual artist.

For more of Luisa’s work, head to www.luisa-duarte.com.


THe dinner table

Delita Martin


Opening Reception: 6 – 9 PM Friday, June 8, 2018

Artist Talk: 7 PM Friday, June 8, 2018

Exhibition Dates: June 8 – July 21, 2018

Front Gallery


Art League Houston is excited to present The Dinner Table, by Houston based artist Delita Martin. The exhibition features an installation of 200 ceramic plates depicting hand drawn portraits of black women. Inspired by the idea of sitting in the company of powerful community builders, Martin created this exhibition as a testament to the powerful women she has encountered in her life.  No two plates are identical, each serving as a reminder to the unique existence of the woman depicted on its surface.

Throughout history, the marginalization of black women has led to problematic representations of their roles within community and family structures, as well as problematic visual and textual representations; thus making it difficult to document their positive contributions within collective systems. Martin’s current work deals with reconstructing the identity of Black women by piecing together the signs, symbols, and language found in what could be called everyday life from slavery through modern times. Martin's goal is to create images as a visual language to tell the story of women that have often been marginalized, offering a different perspective of the lives of Black women.  



The Dinner Table

Come, I have set a place at The Dinner Table for you.  Against a backdrop void of color, The Dinner Table is a space to nourish the body, mind and soul. I invite you to sit at the table and share in a moment of reflection.

When I began this project I imagined myself in the company of women who are reflections of love, wisdom, faith, beauty and power. I imagined standing shoulder to shoulder with women who are the very foundation of our communities. These are the women represented at The Dinner Table. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts. Real women who have come into my life during brief encounters or are still present. Through the acknowledgement of self, these women have changed their environment, but as a group of women they are changing the world. I have witnessed this transformation first-hand. The impact these women have on my memory and my spirit are a testament to their power.

The Dinner Table is a space where 200 woman drawn on ceramic plates have been brought together symbolically to share their stories. Each portrait offers a path to understanding who these women are as nurtures, providers, survivors and vessels of wisdom.  They are perfectly imperfect, unfiltered and real. Each plate is as special as the women depicted on them. The plate is a symbol of good fortune, provision, and survival.  These plates have nurtured many and survived being cast aside, even survived being separated and sold from their original homes. Chipped, worn and imperfect these plates rest here, strengthen by their numbers and their collective history.



Delita Martin is an artist currently based in Huffman, Texas.  She received a BFA in drawing from Texas Southern University and a MFA in printmaking from Purdue University. Formally a member of the fine arts faculty at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Martin is currently works as a full-time artist in her studio, Black Box Press. Martin’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Most recently Martin’s work was included in the State of the Arts: Discovering American Art Now. An exhibition that included 101 artist from around the United States. Her work is included in numerous portfolios and collections.