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Creative Capital Award Application Info Session - Houston

Art League Houston and Diverseworks are co-hosting a Creative Capital Award Info Session, at Art League, on Monday, December 17 at 7 pm.

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ARTISTS: Regina Agu, Yaw Agyeman, Rabēa Ballin, Wesley Clark, Nathaniel Donnett, Shané Gooding, Esau McGhee, Johana Moscoso, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Ellington Robinson, Stacy-Lynn Waddell, and Rhonda Wheatley

November 16, 2018 – January 12, 2019
Main & Hallway Galleries

Art League Houston presents Silos, a group exhibition curated by Jeffreen M. Hayes, Ph.D (Chicago) featuring artists Regina Agu (Houston), Yaw Agyeman (Chicago), Rabēa Ballin (Houston), Wesley Clark (DMV area), Nathaniel Donnett (Houston), Shané Gooding (DC), Esau McGhee (Chicago), Johana Moscoso (Sheboygan/Chicago), Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz (Orlando), Ellington Robinson (DC/Virgin Islands), Stacy-Lynn Waddell (NC/NYC), and Rhonda Wheatley (Chicago).

As a microcosm of our society, the art world maintains a system of marginalization based on racial and cultural difference. Artists identified as Other function in the silos, just as they do in society. Within this system, many of the artists create some of the most provocative works of art.

This exhibition, Silos, presents artists of color who examine the silos, otherness, and the cultural and social ramifications of marginalization based on one’s identity, whether self-defined or inscribed. With artists examining this space, absence and exclusion cannot be ignored. Bearing witness, as they do, not only identifies the pressing issues but also challenges the norm of marginalization, absence, and exclusion. This exhibit marks the third iteration of Silos, a multiyear project curated by Jeffreen M. Hayes, Ph.D and previously exhibited at Glass Curtain Gallery at Columbia College, Chicago, IL in 2017 and the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, D.C in 2016.



Marc Newsome

November 16, 2018 – January 12, 2019
Front Gallery

Art League Houston (ALH) is proud to present I ♥ 3rd Ward, a photo, video, and soundscape exhibition by Marc Newsome. The exhibition features a series of documentary style photographs depicting 3rd Ward, a historically African American neighborhood located in Houston, Texas, which having been a longtime epicenter of Black American life, culture, commerce, and existence, has become subject to the forces of rapid gentrification, causing shifts in the economic, geographic, and racial landscape.



Susannah Mira

November 16, 2018 – January 12, 2019
Sculpture Garden

Art League Houston is excited to present Data Breach, an outdoor installation by Susannah Mira. The installation incorporates thousands of discarded sheets of microfiche film, creating a physical metaphor reflecting the millions of information disclosures shaping our world today. As with the artists’ overall body of work, Data Breach utilizes salvaged materials, which in this case, includes records of congressional documents de-accessioned from a library during migration to digital access.


Upcoming Classes

Basic Drawing 101 (D-8)

Myke Venable

Thursday morning, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

January 17 – March 14
9 weeks
$300 members / $335 public

Using basic materials, students will explore the fundamentals of drawing. Through various hands-on activities and class discussions, this course will touch upon observation, shapes, volume, value, line and texture.

Ceramics: Beginner & Intermediate (S-4)

Susan Budge

Tuesday morning, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

January 15 – March 12
9 weeks
$350 members / $385 public

This course introduces the students to the tools, techniques, and vocabulary of clay through lectures, demonstrations, and studio participation. Students will learn a variety of hand-building techniques, firing and glazing to achieve finished ceramic works.

Painting with Fabric (MM-3)

Preetika Rajgariah

All Levels

Tuesday evening, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

January 15 – March 13
9 weeks
$300 members / $335 public

In this course, students are challenged to treat fabric and textile as paint. Students will explore and experiment with different mixed media techniques, involving collage and sewing, that push the boundaries of traditional two dimensional abstract painting.