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The Dinner Table

Delita Martin

June 8 - July 21, 2018

front Gallery

Art League Houston presents The Dinner Table by Houston based artist Delita Martin. The exhibition features an installation of 200 ceramic plates depicting hand drawn portraits of black women. Inspired by the idea of sitting in the company of powerful community builders, Martin created this exhibition as a testament to the powerful women she has encountered in her life.  No two plates are identical, each serving as a reminder to the unique existence of the woman depicted on its surface.


Current Exhibitions


Complex 3

Seth Orion Schwaiger

June 8 - July 21, 2018

Main Gallery


Art League Houston is excited to present Complex 3, an exhibition by Austin-based artist, curator, and writer Seth Orion Schwaiger. This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of projects exploring ideas of intrinsic and assigned value, with an increasing focus on the value and quality of non-linear thought. The works in the exhibition include architectural intervention, labyrinthine installation, and doubling of imagery and symbols as a strategy to pull the implied line of traditional exhibition viewing back in on itself. The looping or spiraling of information produces a unique environment that challenges the viewer’s proclivity to process information in a way that speaks to a more outcome-driven, practical, algebraic, cause and effect way of thinking.


The New Border

Luisa Duarte

June 8 - July 21, 2018


Art League Houston is excited to present “The New Border”, by Houston-based Venezuelan artist, Luisa Duarte. The exhibition features a site specific installation from the artists’ ‘Borders or Territories’ series, comprised of wax thread and thumbtacks that encapsulate space, and envision each pathway as a memory or anecdote. The vertices of each ‘territory’ are held in place by a simple thumbtack, pinned to the wall to hold the shape of each line. By using one continuous thread throughout the site of installation, the artist creates a tridimensional space traced on and over the walls, where seemingly single lines come together to form one unit.


Upcoming Classes


Classical Drawing Intensive (D-13)

Gao Hang
July 14-15

With the use of fundamental figure drawing skills, this workshop will focus on creating one high quality drawing. This intensive is aimed at creating time-based decisions in terms of what elements to ignore or give priority when approaching a drawing.

3D Printmaking (PR-1)

Claire Elestwani
Monday evening
July 23–August 13
4 Weeks

This series of workshops will cover a wide variety of monotype techniques, including, but not limited to, transferring, stenciling, found material imprints, drypoint, chine colle, rainbow rolling, chemical additives, etc. Students will leave the workshop with a finished series of monotypes.


Egg Tempera and Encaustic Painting (P-13)

Sasha Dela
July 28–29

Ever wonder what to do with all of those leftover soda cans? In this class students will be making their very own backyard mini metal foundries. Demos will be made on various sculpting techniques and step by step instructions for mold making. Students will learn how to prepare their foam objects to cast in the burnout sand casting method, how to safely pour molten metal, and how to polish their final projects to a shine.