11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Made of Star Stuff: Mapping Constellations of Women Creatives
Autumn Knight and Monica Villerreal {Houston}


Made of Star Stuff: is an exploration of the constellation of women art directors, curators, artists, producers, and patrons that are resource for the Houston. Autumn Knight and Monica Villarreal, will use mapping and interactive activities to demonstrate the importance of the network of women who support and make up the art scene in this city. The goal is to empower participants to either join or use this web of women creatives. And we want visiting presenters to consider the galaxies of women creatives in their own cities as a powerful force. 

In order to demonstrate the awesomeness of local women art producers, Autumn and Monica will organize clusters of participants to play a game of FEMME RUMMY with playing cards featuring our brightest stars. Participants will use the game to exercise face recognition of many figures in Houston's art scene and to easily recognize upcoming and vanguard players of the game.

Monica Villarreal is an interdisciplinary artivist native to Houston. Her art explores issues dealing with ethnic identity, gender roles, migration, and the environment. She is a recipient of multiple awards in photography and filmmaking, and has participated in installation and performing art productions organized by Voices Breaking Boundaries, Project Row Houses, Houston Arts Alliance, Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts, Santa Fe Arts Institute, and Alabama Song. 

Monica studied typography under Mainz Gutenberg Award winner Mahendra Patel and is currently learning printmaking from Master Printer Armando Rodriguez. She has a B.A. in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and an M.A. in Digital Media Studies from the University of Houston-CL. Monica wears various hats, as the founder of Creative Women Unite, a local feminist arts collaborative and as a traditional Aztec dancer with Danza Aztec Taxcayolotl, a local group that practices Mexican indigenous traditions through spirituality, and community engaging performances. She has over a decade of experience organizing with local grassroots and nonprofit organizations. lamonicavillarreal.com

Autumn Knight is a Houston-based interdisciplinary artist. Knight’s performance and installation work has been in group exhibitions at various institutions including DiverseWorks Artspace, Art League Houston, Project Row Houses, Blaffer Art Museum, Crystal Bridges Museum and Artpace.  Knight recently completed residencies with In-Situ (UK), Galveston Artist Residency, Millay Colony for the Arts, YICA (Yamaguchi, Japan) and Artpace (San Antonio, TX.)  Autumn received her B.A. from Dillard University and M.A. from New York University (New York, NY).  autumnjoiknight.com

Hecho de materia estelar: Mapeando constelaciones de mujeres creativas
Monica Villarreal y Autumn Knight
(presentación y juego interactivo)


Hecho de materia estelar: Mapeando constelaciones de mujeres creativas es una exploración de la constelación de mujeres directoras de arte, curadoras, artistas, productoras y mecenas que son un recurso para Houston. Autumn Knight y Monica Villarreal usarán el mapeo y otras actividades interactivas para demostrar la importancia de la red de mujeres que apoyan y conforman la escena artística en esta ciudad. La meta es empoderar a los participantes a unirse o a usar esta red de mujeres creativas. Y quieren que los visitantes presentes consideren las galaxias de mujeres creativas en sus propias ciudades como una fuerza poderosa.

Con el fin de demostrar la genialidad de las mujeres artistas locales, Autumn y Mónica organizarán grupos de participantes para jugar un partido de FEMME RUMMY con naipes que muestran a nuestras estrellas más brillantes. Los participantes utilizarán el juego para el reconocimiento de los rostros de muchas figuras en la escena artística de Houston y reconocer fácilmente a los próximos jugadores del juego.