4:00 – 5:00 PM
Session G - ALH PATIO
The Game of Art
Phillip Pyle, II and Leah Binkovitz
(outdoor intervention/installed game)


Charge participants will have an opportunity to play “The Game of Art”. An interactive board game that is constructed on the sidewalk that borders Art League. Participants will be immersed in the the “artworld” and with the help of signage and QR codes, experience and learn about art in a new and fun way. Using information from the NEA, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans for the Arts, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies and other organizations, players will gain a more accurate assessment of how cities support the arts and what it takes to be an artist.

Phillip Pyle, II is a visual artist, graphic designer, and photographer based in Houston, Texas whose primary interests are race, humor, advertising, sports, and popular culture. Mining imagery from sources diverse as mass consumer culture, contemporary advertising, to ephemera, historic images, and hip-hop, Pyle, introduces complex vision that derives from a strong comedic foundation while also looking at the abstraction and transience of our values, and beliefs. Pyle has exhibited work in numbers institutions, including, Project Row Houses, Art League Houston, The Museum of African American Culture, and the University Museum at Texas Southern University. http://phillippylethesecond.com

Leah Binkovitz is a journalist with the Houston Chronicle. Before coming to Houston, she spent time with Smithsonian magazine, the Washington Post and NPR in the beautiful nation's capital. Having studied city planning, art history and then journalism at UC Berkeley and Columbia University, her interests are mixed up but tend to focus on the urban environment and our contributions to it both formal and informal. She grew up in Ohio and will forever miss swimming in the spring-fed pool with algae so thick you could convince visiting swim teams there was a monster at the bottom. That pool no longer exists. http://leahbinkovitz.tumblr.com

El juego del arte
Leah Binkovitz y Philip Pyle II
(intervención lúdica instalada al aire libre)


Los participantes de Charge tendrán la oportunidad de jugar ”El juego del arte”. Un juego de mesa interactivo que está construido en la vereda que bordea Art League. Los participantes entrarán de lleno en el “mundo del arte”, y con la ayuda de señalizaciones y códigos QR experimentarán y aprenderán sobre el arte de una manera nueva y divertida. Usando información de la NEA, la Oficina de Estadísticas Laborales, Americans for the Arts, la Asamblea Nacional de Agencias de Artes de los Estados y otras organizaciones, los participantes tendrán una evaluación más precisa de cómo las ciudades apoyan las artes y lo que se necesita para ser un artista.