3:00 – 3:45 PM
Do What You Love And You'll Never Work Another Day In Your Life: Economic calculations and political battles
Moderator: Alison Gerber
Panelists: Helena Keeffe, Ayanna McCloud, and Zach Moser
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Questions about value don’t have to be economic questions. We can decide, together, that they are political questions, with political solutions. But then they're more complicated; they don’t have one right answer, one best answer. How should we think about value in the arts - how do we want to think about value in the arts?

Alison Gerber is a sociologist whose research focuses on artists as workers, value in working life, and working life as public life. She investigates the ways that artists, broadly defined, account for the value of their own practice, looking to artists as a lens through which to investigate valuation in contemporary working life. Her current projects aim to develop a theory of disagreement and revaluation in economic and political processes. Alison is a doctoral candidate at Yale University and a junior fellow of the Center for Comparative Research and the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale. She holds a BA and BFA from the University of Minnesota, attended Critical Studies at Malmö Art Academy / Lund University, and holds an MA and MPhil from Yale. Alison lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

Helena Keeffe is a San Francisco based artist, teacher and cook who brings these identities together in projects that invite others to step along with her into unfamiliar territory. She recently co-organized a workshop-based conference with Shannon Jackson, director of the Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley, on the subject of valuing labor in the arts. Keeffe publishes a broadside called Standard Deviation which serves as a platform for aggregating art and labor related texts, thought experiments, flow charts and alternative currencies. Keeffe is the recipient of a Creative Work Fund grant and has created site specific works in diverse contexts including city buses, abandoned phone booths, the Berkeley Art Museum, San Francisco’s Market Street, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Laguna Honda Hospital, the Oakland Museum of California, and the New Children’s Museum in San Diego. Keeffe received a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and an MFA from UC Berkeley.  

Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud is a Houston-based artist and writer. While minimal, her work is driven by explorations in materiality, physicality, and sensation. She has participated in exhibitions and residencies throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and in the U.S. and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her creative practice takes on many forms including painting, sound art, community/land/site-specific installations, and writing/publications. She has also worked within art institutions throughout the U.S. for over 15 years, developing and contextualizing multidisciplinary programs. labotanica: school of latitudes

Zach Moser facilitates collaborative and interactive investigations, designed to discover alternative methods of communication and new expectations of human potential. His work focuses on pursuing knowledge, alleviating the critical effects of injustice and participating in creative communities. He is co-founder of Shrimp Boat Projects, Workshop Houston and The Big Parade.

Haz lo que amas y no trabajarás ni un día más en tu vida: Cálculos económicos y batallas políticas
Moderadora: Alison Gerber
Panelistas: Helena Keeffe, Ayanna McCloud y Zach Moser
((panel de discusión))

Preguntas sobre valor no tienen que ser preguntas ecónomicas. Podemos decidir, juntos, que son cuestiones políticas, con soluciones políticas. Pero, entonces, son más complicadas; no tienen una respuesta correcta, la mejor respuesta. ¿Cómo deberíamos pensar sobre el valor en las artes, cómo queremos pensar sobre el valor en las artes?