1:00 – 2:30 PM
Session C
Gabriel Martinez

((discussion/direct action))

Join us from 1-2:30pm
for a brief look at Alabama Song
followed by a discussion of the meager effort
to secure artists’ resale royalties in the United States.

Alabama Song is a series of collaborations with experimental writers, musicians, curators and artists in an effort to produce a temporary space which allows for the collective experience of cultural events. The home of the artist is opened to the public at large and to artists specifically as a communal place for the staging of difficult works of art. It exploits two of Houston's specialties: irregular zoning and hospitality. Alabama Song aims to experiment with the traditional production, exhibition, and distribution of art. It places programming and dialog on equal ground with objects and performances. It is an acknowledgement of the vulnerability artists face. In this session we will talk of the need for maintaining spaces dedicated to the discussion of emerging works of art and culture.

Session Timeline:

(45 minutes)

Presentation on Alabama Song:
'The Case for a Discursive Space'
'Some Thoughts on the Benefits of Exploiting One's Limitations'
'The Joy of Experiencing Culture Collectively'

(5 minute break)

(15 minutes)

A look at the American Royalty Too Act of 2014 and its predecessors:
'An Inadequate History of Resale Royalties for Visual Artists in the United States'

(15 minutes)

'American Royalty Three Act of 2015'
A group discussion on possible improvements to the bill. How can we imagine what a fair deal might be for artists? What role do we as artists play in determining what is fair? What immediate changes could we suggest that might improve the bill?

(10 minutes)

Photographic session:
A life size cutout of the newly elected Texas governor will be available for selfies.

Gabriel Martinez lives and works in Houston. He intends to disrupt the rational use of space by passing and trespassing. He graduated with an MFA from Columbia University and attended the Whitney Independent Study Program before moving to Houston as a Core Fellow and artist-in-residence at Project Rowhouses. He is the director of Alabama Song and a Friend of Angela Davis Park.


Sesión C
Regalías estadounidenses
Gabriel Martinez
((discusión/acción directa))

Acompáñennos de 1-2:30 pm
para una breve mirada a Alabama Song [Canción de Alabama]
seguida por una discusión de los escasos esfuerzos
para asegurar las regalías de reventa de los artistas en los Estados Unidos.

Alabama Song es una serie de colaboraciones con escritores experimentales, músicos, curadores y artistas en un esfuerzo por producir un espacio temporal que invite a la experiencia colectiva de eventos culturales. El hogar del artista se abre al público en general y específicamente a artistas como un lugar comunitario para la representación de obras de arte difíciles. El concepto explota dos de las especialidades de Houston: la zonificación irregular y la hospitalidad. Alabama Song pretende experimentar con la producción tradicional, exhibición y distribución del arte. Ubica la programación y el diálogo al mismo nivel que los objetos y los performances. Es un reconocimiento a la vulnerabilidad que enfrenta el artista. En esta sesión hablaremos de la necesidad de mantener espacios dedicados a la discusión de obras de arte emergentes y a la cultura.


Gabriel Martinez vive y trabaja en Houston.