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360 Degrees Vanishing
A Project by Selven O'Keef Jarmon and Art league Houston

Photo by Juan Islas, Houston Chronicle, Art League Houston

Photo by Juan Islas, Houston Chronicle, Art League Houston

Started in 2014, 360 Degrees Vanishing is an international public art and cultural exchange project between South Africa and Houston by artist Selven O’Keef Jarmon.
The project features a series of four monumental beaded tapestries which will be mounted on the exterior walls of the ALH building. The tapestries have been fabricated
by a group of fifteen highly skilled beaders from sewing co-ops throughout the Eastern Cape of South Africa, who were artists in residence at ALH. They traveled to Houston in
three separate groups over an eight month period beginning in the summer of 2014 and ending in the winter of 2015. During this time, over 1,000 volunteers from across
Houston, ages 5 to 93, met and worked in tandem with the South African beaders at workshops held at venues across Houston to create the tapestries. The creative
community that grew up around the project reflected the global diversity and spirit of Houston. Once the project is installed on the ALH building, the audience will include the 44,000 cars that pass by the ALH building daily; the 1000+ students who attend the ALH School annually; students participating in the  ALH Teen Intensive  and ArtBound! Programs; artists in the ALH Healing Art Program, Inversion Coffee Shop customers, and ALH exhibition artists and attendee’s.

Photo by Matt Adams, Volunteer Beading Session at Project Row Houses

Photo by Matt Adams, Volunteer Beading Session at Project Row Houses

The concept of the 360 Degrees Vanishing project addresses the gradual disappearance of the tradition of beading culture within South Africa in particular, as well as the vanishing parts of various cultures that are taken for granted but have been disappearing from our everyday lives. The 360 Degrees Vanishing project re-imagines the possibilities of how a traditional medium, such as beading, can be re-envisioned and re-activated by placing it within a new context and landscape. This project is an international cultural exchange with South Africa and ALH is working with the South African Government as well as the Craft and Cultural Hub of the Eastern Cape and the South African Cultural Minister's Office.

The project is 98% completed in terms of the physical beaded components. The structural engineering drawings have been completed courtesy of Cardno Haynes Whaley Engineers and the structural plans have been approved through the City of Houston. The firm identified to complete the steel fabrication and facilitate the installation of the project is Berger Iron Works. In December 2017, ALH was awarded a $25,000 Multi Layered Program Grant from Houston First Corporation to support the installation of the beads onto the building in November 2018. To date, over $160,000 has been raised for the project in Houston; South Africa has donated almost $50,000; and ALH has raised another $140,000 of in kind support (donated beads, wire frames, the space age thread that holds the beads in place, housing, food, transportation, etc.). A further $55,000 needs to be raised in order to complete the project. 

The work in Houston was supported by communities across the Eastern Cape, the South African Government and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. To date, major donors in Houston include Houston First Corporation, Okra Charity Saloon, Texas Commission on the Arts, the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, Houston Endowment, Rice University, Texas Southern University, Project Row Houses, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Kerry Inman and the Bermac Building, Boheme, Workshop Houston, Whole Foods, Phoenicia, Houston Bead Society, Our Image Film and Arts, The Morgan Family Foundation, Greater Houston Community Foundation, Louisa Stude Sarofim, Sarah Paschall Dodd, Poppi Massey, Gerald and Anita Smith, The Beadery in Providence Rhode Island, Softflex, Scott Sparvero, Jim Peterson, Susan Criner, Phillis Jarmon, Ed Wilson, and Zulu Creative.

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The Esplanade Project

Established in 2012-2013, The Esplanade Project is a community driven, temporary public art installation project designed to invigorate Houston’s lower Montrose Boulevard and the surrounding neighborhood. This program is in partnership with the City of Houston and is a pilot project for the City of Houon. Participating artists receive an artist fee for the design, creation, and installation of their work as well as funding for materials and associated expenses.

Click the image above to view a video about the Funnel Tunnel on Houston PBS - Arts InSight


Patrick Renner

Funnel Tunnel, the first project, is a 180’ sculpture and temporary public art installation on the esplanade directly across the street from Art League Houston by Houston artist, Patrick Renner. Renner’s project. The sculpture was on view from August 2013 through January 2015 and dedicated to the memory of Houston artist Lee Littlefield.

Art League Houston is excited to announce that the Funnel Tunnel will take on a new form in New Orleans’ Poydras Corridor! This summer the Funnel Tunnel will get a new life as part of a project to bring attention to the visual arts and the artists of post-Katrina New Orleans. Local artists will assist and install the artwork on a Poydras Street median.